Jessica Brackett

Painter + Muralist

Artwork Featured on Portlandia

For seasons 6-8 Jessica Brackett Originals have graced the big screen! Multi-Emmy award-winning hit-television show Portlandia featured countless pieces by artist Jessica Brackett.

Jessica Brackett’s art is at first glance light and simple but can unfold in front of you like a story book. Several of her pieces were used on set for some of the main characters of Portlandia and the running consistency of her work through several seasons added to the continuity of the show and characters.

Bridget Larabee, Portlandia

Jessica's artwork shows a lot of passion. You can tell she cares about what she's painting, as much as she cares about the painting itself.

Michael P. Blevins, Filmmaker

The orchid Jessica painted for me is exquisite. I couldn't wait to hang it up!

Jessica Kaizer

Jessica’s art has brought my apartment to life! I’ve got a bit of a plant obsession, so having a 22x28 pathos above my desk has my home feeling like a West Elm ad.

Eric Farias

The way she renders a piece of glass or a wilting flower is so meticulous and delicate- yet she does it all so quickly! Her attention to detail and unexpected use of materials make me feel like she's sharing an inside joke with me.

Jen Lau, Artist